Modern dentistry helps bring earlier, less-invasive treatment for outstanding results!


90% Reduction
in Radiation

Digital X-rays allow us to take an image of your mouth with a digital sensor. The images are downloaded into our computer for immediate availability. This method results in 90% less radiation than conventional X-rays, and there’s no more chemical waste to pollute the environment!


We See the
Whole Picture

With a panoramic X-ray, the doctor is able to see your mouth and jaw in one complete image. This allows him to study the relationships between teeth and jaws and anticipate future problems.


Find Ultrasmall Cavities Years Earlier!

Have you ever had a dentist find a cavity and place a large filling, and wondered why the filling is so large if the cavity wasn’t there just six months before? It was – but it wasn’t big enough to show on X-rays or be visible to the dentist yet. The laser scanner can find cavities years earlier, when the small cavity can be removed and repaired with a small invisible bonded filling, leaving you with a healthy smile.


The Risks and Realities of Oral Cancer

One American dies every hour from oral cancer, and the mortality rate has remained virtually unchanged for 40 years. Early detection is so important, because it means a 90% cure rate. To help us ensure your complete oral health, we are pleased to provide highly effective oral cancer screenings using the newest FDA-approved oral cancer screening system, VELscope™. This tool uses a specially designed light that makes any suspicious tissue immediately and easily visible during your exam. This screening could literally save your life!


Miracle Treatment for Headaches and Migraines

The NTI™ device is an FDA-approved, drug-free treatment for the prevention of migraine and tension headaches, and it’s now available in our practice. It works by relaxing the muscles under the scalp and preventing the majority of headaches. In clinical trials, 82% of migraine sufferers had relief of their headaches, with a 77% reduction in migraine events. It’s painless, fast, and NOT expensive. If you experience migraines or know someone who does then be sure to ask us about this exciting new treatment.

Nothing beats an easier, more comfortable dental visit. If you have questions about the latest dental technology, give us a call today at 1-520-458-4334.

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